Monday, March 29, 2010

A new day, a new....JOB!

You read right, I have a job.  I'm actually quite surprised myself.  I've been in Los Angeles exactly 27 days and have been actively looking for exactly 16 of those days, and I went and landed myself a job. And I realize how incredibly lucky I am to have found a job so quickly in this economy.  I am truly, truly blessed.

To re-cap the events:  My friend Liz gave me a contact at a job recruiting agency.  I contacted her the week before last and had a meeting with her last Monday.  She called me on Wednesday to let me know that she had gotten something in for me.  There was a freelance position with an ad agency here in Los Angeles.  The position was for a Media/Traffic Coordinator and with my background in advertising, I was a good fit.  She said the job would last for at least 90 days, possibly up to 120.  Ok, I thought...I can do this.  I can work for these people for 3-4 months and look for something else in the meantime.  So I told her yes, I was interested, and she sent my resume to them.  I didn't hear from her until Friday, when she called to say that they'd like to meet with me on Monday at 11am.

So, this morning I get up, throw on my best interview attire, and head down to Wilshire for my interview.  I really hate interviews.  There's only so much you can really tell about a person in an interview and I always feel so awkward.  Specifically when they start asking you questions about what you would do in certain situations...I mean, how am I supposed to say exactly what I would do in a hypothetical situation?  Every situation is different and every reaction is different.  But whatever, I survived the in-office interview...and then I survived the phone interview that followed later, and within 20 minutes I had a job offer.  I start on Wednesday, and instead of being freelance, it's actually a temp-to-hire position.  Meaning I'll work there freelance for 90 days and if we all play nice together then they'll hire me full time.  If not, then it's back to square one for me.

I'm actually excited about the opportunity.  It's a very laid back company.  I can wear jeans to work.  It's a very young environment.  And it has amazing views of the Hollywood Hills.  Negatives:  Apparently it's a 45-60 minute drive to work every day but I suppose that's Los Angeles, and I suppose that's what NPR is for.

Now to find Alex a job!

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  1. The drive was what came to mind when you said Wilshire. Look into getting a moped or small motorcycle. I'd say bike, but that'd be a long, probably dangerous ride over the hills. On a motorcycle, you can lane split (go between traffic instead of sitting in it) and park in odd places (sidewalks, between parallel parked cars, etc). If I didn't live a mile from where I worked out there, I probably would have gotten a motorcycle.