Sunday, January 31, 2010

29 days and counting...

It's official, I am homeless. Homeless and staying with my parents for the next 29 days. stuff is staying with my parents for the next 29 days. I'll only be here 17 thankfully.

But, this means that we are moved out of the townhouse. Adios Dewberry Downs, you have served us well. Many a good time was had in that place. Lots of memories made, but it's time to move on.

The truck:

The final picture:

I've spent the past week dreading this day because #1-I have to be apart from Alex for almost a month, after having lived together for almost 4 years. #2-It's hard leaving a place that you feel at home, that has been your home for 3 1/2 years, and that you have so many memories attached to. Alex has seemed to really care less about leaving. He's ready for the next step and is in the "get me the hell out of here" mode, but I've been much more attached...much more sentimental...and it's been harder for me to let go. But the funny thing is, after we loaded up everything and the place was emptied out, it began to feel very foreign. Our belongings were gone and the shell that was left wasn't didn't feel like home anymore. So although I teared up a bit driving away tonight, the place I've called home for so long has already become a stranger to me.

I'd like to personally AGAIN thank Ben,Mark and of course Jenn for coming and helping us move yesterday. You find out who your friends really are when you move...and we were very, very blessed to have 3 great friends who didn't mind giving up their Saturday to load very heavy things into and out of a moving truck all day long.

We leave Friday for California to find our next home. I hope we make as many good memories there as we have here. 

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