Saturday, February 6, 2010

Trip 1, day 1

Well we made it through our first day on the road. Sadly, I had to work yesterdy so Alex was kind enough to drive me to work and pretty much hang out all day so that we could get on the road as soon as I was done. The original plan was to try to make it to OK. Then we decided that was probably a bit too ambitious so we settled on stopping in Little Rock, AR.

This was the only picture I could get while in the car at night.

We ended up stopping in Conway, AR, a small little place about 30 miles or so past Little Rock. Alex has this strange love for Motel 6, probably because it's cheap, an we had seen a sign for one along the interstate, so we get off the exit and drive past the nicer hotels and pull into this tiny, ghetto looking place. Ghetto, but albeit packed out.

We walk into the lobby and it's one of those places where you have to check in through a plate glass window after hours, and there are two guys in front of us. One who is announcing every 30 seconds how much he has to piss. The other whose pants are just below his ass and buckled tight enough so that they don't fall down.

The only first floor room they had (because this is the kind of place where you park your car right outside your room) was a handicap room. Ok, that's fine, except I feel like I was staying in a hospital. Not only did it smell like old person, but this is the shower...

Complete with hospital/old person shower seat!

So now we're getting back on the road. 125 mikes to Oklahoma. Now for a healthy IHOP breakfast.

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  1. Useful tip: make use of Waffle House while you can because you won't see it again unless you're visiting home.