Saturday, January 2, 2010

To quote the great and wise Eminem...tonight I'm cleaning out my closet.

Today was officially "If you bought something from us, come pick up your crap" day in the Sullivan/Justinger house. The place has been so cluttered with us cleaning stuff out and cleaning stuff off and having boxes everywhere and empty shevles and racks and dressers sitting around that I thought it would be so great when some of this stuff started vacating the premises. In reality, it was actually pretty sad and bittersweet.

You wouldn't really think that saying goodbye to a bookshelf would evoke any emotion, but it's funny how things you didn't think you were attached to suddenly have some sort of sentimentality when they're gone. Like the psycho poster that we gave to Kevin Hockinson: it wasn't mine and I never really thought twice about it but now there's just a giant blank space on the wall and there's that feeling that something is missing.

It's also quite invigorating...getting rid of most everything you own and re-inventing yourself. But still a weird feeling knowing that so much of what you own will soon belong to something else. To all who took something home today...I hope it serves you well.

57 days to go.

PS...please note the sarcasm in the title. I think Eminem is neither great nor wise.

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