Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Is it January yet?

I'm a bit overwhelmed this week. Not just a bit, I'm big time overwhelmed this week. I have work events every single night. My weekend is taken up from start to finish. I'm juggling 15 things for next week. And my house looks like a tornado came rolling through it with a vengeance.

Ah, the holidays.

This year I really could care less about Christmas. I didn't decorate. I haven't wrapped gifts. In fact, if it weren't for the calendar staring me in the face I would let it all come and go and never even realize that I missed it.

What's bothering me the most is the disgusting pig sty that is my house, because we've started the cleaning out process but neither of us really have time right now to move much farther along than where we have already gotten, which basically leaves us with crap pulled out of various closets and left scattered on the floor in the hopes that we could get back to it soon. This doesn't really bode well with me because I'm not a fan of all. Which is funny coming from the girl whose bedroom as a teenager had only a narrow pathway from the door to the bed and then to the closet with which to walk and the rest was nothing but clothes and junk. My how things change. I can't stand for people to come over if my house isn't relatively clean. Right now...I can't even see the floor to vacuum so God help all you movienightgoers tonight. Not that it would matter if I could because, again, work events every night this week so I won't be home to vacuum anyway.

I just keep thinking that it will all get better and slow down after Christmas but I think that's just a pipe dream at this point.

74 days left.

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